Tuesday, 6 November 2007

visual overload

Last Sunday's weekend shopping was exactly that.

It was our first shopping trip to Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Street, two of the main and pedestrianised shopping streets in Glasgow. The other one would be Argyll Street (well, as far as my Glasgow shopping knowledge serves me right).

Anyways, there was just so much to absorb. So many shops to go. So many people shopping and it wasn't even December! Just shows you a rough idea of what the population in Glasgow is like.

Two trips to Borders in two days is quite extreme. Bearing in mind that both trips we bought books.

Borders is probably the next most impressive book shop I've ever been. The first is Kinokuniya in KLCC. I haven't been to Borders in Berjaya Time Square, and I'm sure it is possible that it is as impressive as the Glasgow store. I have a feeling that Mid-Valley Megamall's MPH is (or at least once) the biggest bookstore in KL. Possible? Hmm...

Anyways, apparently Glasgow's Borders Store is the biggest and best bookstore in Scotland (so proud!).

Although having making two trips to Borders myself, I have only been to the Ground floor, where the magazines and papers, promotional books and cashiers are; and Lower Ground floor - non-fiction, where really good selection of art, history, architecture, self help, etc. are available; and the First/Mezzanine floor, travel books, stationeries, local books, autobiographies and games section.

Had a quick glance into the Basement floor, where the media section is. There is a Starbucks in store, and I think another two or three more floors of books!

The magazine and travel section was very impressive.

In fact everything there was so impressive!!

TOH bought two books and I bought a magazine on our first trip on Saturday. And on Sunday, I bought two books.

#1: Postsecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives

And #2: Just Can't Get Enough: Toys, Games, and Other Stuff from The '80s that Rocked

The He-Man figurine was the reason I bought the book. Just because I once had that figurine!

I can't wait to visit Borders again. And I can foresee that TOH will always hold my hand very tightly whenever we pass by there!

Another shop in our favourite shops in Glasgow list!

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