Wednesday, 28 November 2007

winter sonata

I think I've decided to give up on Freeview, at least for now.

After all those annoyance, and even after DetJA came and have a look at my handiwork, I still can't get Freeview. *sigh*

Like I said, I think I've decided to give up.

Maybe I need an internal booster aerial.

So I thought I will just settle for council tv (a.k.a. terrestrial tv) instead. BBC1, BBC2, ITV (not the clearest), Channel 4 and Channel 5 (the fuzziest).

I was somewhat chuffed with having Channel 4 compared to not having Freeview.

However, two weeks ago, Channel 4 decided to die on me.


Now, I managed to live 'contently' without Channel 4. Just barely.

Last night while going through my things I found I have the 'Winter Sonata' series.

Yes, it is that Korean series.

Yes, it has been ages.

And yes, those who know, it is not mine.

As far as I know, Winter Sonata was once this huge drama series.

When the hype was on back in Malaysia, I was away in UK. And all I heard is this hype about this Winter Sonata series.

It was like 'Winter Sonata this' and 'Winter Sonata that'.

When I was back in KL working, a colleague of mine lent me her set of the series. So I happily took home to watch.

More like I took home to collect dust.

Before I left the company, my collegaue said I could keep the set instead. How kind of her!

During my last trip home, I decided to bring it over so I can watch it during my free time. Sadly, it sat somewhere and collected dust as well.

Tonight, there wasn't much to watch on tv so I thought why not.

I've only watch the first episode but it has captured my heart already.

As much as I said to myself after watching a few episodes of it in the past, that I will brush up my Korean, I never really did progress much.

Fortunately, I could still understand some of the Korean spoken in the drama. Sadly, my chinese reading ability of the chinese subtitles wasn't much help.

It was like 'read, read, read, read, blank, blank, read, read, blank, read'. Or 'read, read, read, blankblankblankblank, read, read'.

This is when imagination does come in handy.

It is interesting how drama series play with the viewer's mind. But that is what make us all hunger for it and want more of it.

It can be very corny and sappy. And sadly, like the mug that I am, I am falling for the drama and plot, hook, line and sinker.

My sister Su-Anne has warned me about the typical Korean drama plot. And as much as I'm trying not to spoil the next few episodes and the ending, I can't help have this presumption of what is going to happened next.

Wait a minute, is that not the same with any series?!

Oh well, I'm a sucker for things like that. It keeps me entertained. *bleah*

Sadly, I'm actually looking forward to the next episode. And the episode after that. And the episode after that after that...

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