Sunday, 25 November 2007

another weekend

The boys were down this weekend.

We had a Domino's - DVD night on Friday. The movie of choice: Blades of Glory.

Quite a nice lighthearted movie for a relaxing Friday night. There were some very good and funny lines.

Saturday, TOH and I can't resist to bring SR to Braehead Shopping Centre.

It will be TOH and my second time there.

Braehead Shopping Centre is really big compared to most shops in Aberdeen. The selection of shops are about the same as the high street but probably each shop has more selection of things.

As usual, how can we resists not going to our favourite second favourite store, Marks & Spencer? *Sigh*


I think the main reason we went to Braehead was for... IKEA!!!

We are such mugs sometimes...

Had a wonderful lunch there and spend money in IKEA as usual. I bought some really nice cards and who knows may just do something about it someday. In the meantime I am just happy to know I bought some really nice cards.

Honestly, I think or I can't remember what else I bought there. So bad...

Did go and sit on TOH and mine's favourite sofa
TYLĂ–SAND. One fine day... Who knows?

Then in the evening we went to
Radiance 2007. It's Glasgow's International Festival of Light. I may just write this on a separate post.

We saw probably one-third of the art works due to poor or rather non-existent sign posting.

Typically, weekends always draws to a close before you know it.

We had a nice and easy Sunday. I made Sunday Roast for lunch. TOH helped with the chopping, cutting and dicing. I'm really impressed with his cutting skills.

My first time cooking full Sunday Roast! And everyone loved it. We were so stuffed after the meal.

It wasn't long before it was time to go into town and the boys made their way home.

p.s.: This is my 150th Post! Woohoo!!!

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