Monday, 26 November 2007


I’ve mentioned many times that it is great to be in my position. And since I like the social scene, which whenever I am up for, I had to think of something to wear to the work’s Christmas Dinner as well as my company’s Christmas Lunch the very next day.

Thus it is not surprising that the season of LBD - Little Black Dress is upon us. But I have to be difficult as usual. Well, more like, I don't want the boring usual LBD, so I'm going for something not from that genre.

I’ve seen this really nice dress in Jane Norman that I’ve been eying on for a long time. Tried it for size and it looks great. One thing I love about the dress is that there is a good support in the dress unlike most tube dress(?) or shoulderless dress(?) - whatever you call them.

I also saw a nice dress on a leaflet in store but I couldn’t see it in store. Maybe it was there all along but I just can’t see it.

So I thought, I will go online and find that dress before I make a decision which dress to buy.

Yes, I know it is such an excuse to buy new clothes.

Today I finally went online to look for Jane Norman’s website.

I was quite disappointed that they don’t sell clothes online and whatever they have online is just a handful of what they have in store.

I normally just walk pass Jane Norman racks in the departmental stores. Until I saw the Jane Norman boutique in Aberdeen’s St. Nicholas Shopping Centre.

I think all the clothes were really beautiful. There were quite a number of clothes that I would love to buy. And as much as I can think of a million excuses why I need more than one dress for Christmas and beyond, I have to control myself.

Short listed a few dresses.

Anyways, getting out of topic here. I went online today to find the dress that I can’t see in store. And since the official website does not sell clothes online, I did a general search on Google to see if I can find elsewhere that sells her clothes online.

Guess what I found instead? There is this website The UK High Street that I found, is like a forum where people put in their high street shopping experience.

Reading what the shoppers have to say about
Jane Norman, I’m wary and slightly put off to whether to buy the dress that I like.

From quality complaints to customer complaints, I just feel so put off by buying the dress now.

Contemplation setting in.

I will have to either go for it or look for something else. Decisions. Decisions!

As for Christmas Lunch, I think I’m getting a much needed pair (or two) of new jeans and a nice top. Or something I already have.

TOH gave me this really beautiful necklace which I’m sure to be able to match with whatever I’m going to wear and I bought a nice bag from New Look two weeks ago with a VIP 20% discount.

Anyone wants a GAP 30% voucher which is valid until this Sunday (2nd December) drop me an email and I’ll send it to you.

It will definitely be a nice beginning to the long holidays.

Christmas Dinner on Thursday night (20th December) and then Christmas Lunch on Friday before I head up the road to spend my Christmas and two weeks holiday including Hogmanay in Aberdeen.

I just hope I will be able to recover from all those drinking (and eating for that matter)!

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