Tuesday, 27 November 2007

christmas preparations

It is 27 days to Christmas. Woohoo!!!

But I find myself being somewhat rather unorganised here.

Maybe I’m just complacent. I don’t know.

I must have mentioned this before, that there are some dates that are more important to me than others.

My birthday, my other half’s birthday, Valentine’s Day (mug!), anniversaries and Christmas.

And as usual, I still haven’t had my cards, gifts and decoration organised.

I roughly know what I want to be doing. But I haven’t really put them into action.

I think I’ve got enough cards to send out. I think and I hope. Bought a box of cards over the weekend and I have a good collection of leftover cards from the years before.

They are nice cards mind you!

I need to think of what I’m going to send out and within the country.

Royal Mail as usual have their
recommended posting date out months ago.

I should really have all my cards and presents (if any) sent out by beginning of December. At least I can assure that my recipients will have enough time to receive and reciprocate, where needed.

I’m very bad at this. People are nice enough to send me things but I always don’t have the time (excuses due to bad time management) to send them back something. *Smacks hand*

Then there is the thing about thinking what to get people.

Should I or should I not get something?

What should I get?

And all those questions.

Yes, I do realise that Christmas (shopping) started in August. Yes! August! I saw them with my very own eyes!!!

It’s getting earlier and earlier.

And I think I heard Christmas songs played two weeks ago! Uh huh.. you heard it right.

Forget about Halloween.

Forget about St. Andrews Day.

Forget about whatever else and focus all your effort on Christmas.

Anyways, getting out of topic as usual…

Oh yes, Christmas starts in August… and yet, I have not got any Christmas thing organised.

At least I know where I’m going to spend it and who I’m going to spend it with. The rest are a rough idea…

Still, since ‘Christmas’ starts so early, you would think that everyone have everything organised?

You’ve guessed wrong.

The last minute buying frenzy will reach up until the very last minute of whatever store closes on the eve of Christmas. People will go and buy their things last minute. And if they can’t get what they want, they get nasty. Ooooh yes, they do.

There are two groups of people. I think there are a group that push aside the notion of anything Christmas until mid November or even December up to Christmas Eve itself. And the other group that is so super organised and have everything organised since the day after Christmas!

I fall somewhere in between.

I must confess that I will think about Christmas and what I would like to do about it. But only action on it at a rather later date.

Again, if you want reasons, I can give you a plenty!

There will be some baking involved this year and I hope to get it done as soon as possible. The Christmas cake needs time to mature.

And since I won’t be in Glasgow for Christmas plus I don’t have a car to transport a live tree, I will just put up the artificial tree that I found in the store cupboard. I hope it will be in good condition. Yeah, I know, I’m such a snob…

Luckily I don’t really have to prepare Christmas meal so it’s not that bad. But it won’t be too bad either since I enjoy cooking.

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