Friday, 30 November 2007

one month diary

I don’t mean to gloat but...

I’ve completed my two month’s APC diary. Woohooo!!!!

I still haven’t told AD yet, lest he will sulk at and not speak to me.

Still, I’ve finished two months of the diary.

I’m so pleased with it.

I remembered last week I was quite concerned about finishing the one month’s diary. Then I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it. I will just try to finish one month and sit on the other one for a while. But, I did it! I finished it!

Earlier this week, I was quite worried about how am I going to fill the diary for the month of October. I was wondering what I stories I have to make up.

I find it a bit difficult trying to remember what I did in October. So I went through my Outlook Calendar. Sadly the Calendar was rather empty and having ‘Furniture Delivery’ and ‘BT Engineer’ on it didn’t help much.

After flaffing about a bit, I found a rather ingenious way to solve my problems.

I went through my Inbox and Sent Items. Everyday I spend quite a fair amount of time on the computer. The mails did help a lot trying to piece the picture together.

In the end, I am so please with the results.

Now I just have to reschedule my APC Date Planner and inform my Supervisor and Counsellor of the changes and arrange for a meeting.

Happy St. Andrews Day, btw!


alicia said...

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Suzanne said...

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Hope this helps.