Friday, 23 November 2007


Just received a letter from RICS yesterday.

My application to enrol on the APC has been approved. Woohoo!

I was also informed to record my experience from 1st October.


And I thought it was just from 1st November. Which I was struggling on. More like flaffing about for nothing. I guess it was because I was spending too much time worrying about writing the diary.

It isn't that difficult now I found out. So much for flaffing about... @_@

Anyways, now I have to think of what I did in October.

Which means, I have to revise my APC Date Planner.

Which means, I have missed my dateline for completing my first month's diary. But I'm going to leave it for the same date. Only now I have to complete two months for the dateline instead.

Which means, I have to inform my Supervisor and Counsellor that I will be seeing them a month ahead instead of the planned dates.

Which means, I will be meeting the various datelines a month ahead.

Which means, my final interview/assessment is a month ahead(?!). I think.

Which means, I have to stop worrying too much about it and go on with it.

Right, better go now. A gruelling meeting is about to start!

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