Thursday, 22 November 2007


I was reading The Metro. Waited at the train carriage exit for the doors to open.

Got down and then I realised I left my lunch on the train! I turned and look into the train and I see it there!

My lunch!

I quickly pressed on the door open button whilst the door closing beeping, beeped incessantly.

There I was pressing the button, frantically.

Luckily the conductor was still standing outside of the train making sure all the doors are closed securely.

I said to him 'I left something on the train'.

With a really friendly smile, he let me back on the train.

I ran through the carriage and got out at the other end.

Thanked Mr. Friendly Face conductor profusedly.

Honestly, when I saw my lunch left on the seat in the train, a vision of my lunch moving away, with me and my puppy eyes, sulking face, waving my lunch goodbye, flashed before me.

Honestly, I swear!!!

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