Monday, 22 October 2007

great annoyance

I am so annoyed damnblardie annoyed!

After weeks of not having the convenience of Freeview, I was looking forward to moving down my Freeview box and enjoy many many channels and hours of tv indulgence.

However, the first thing I found out is that the existing aerial lead socket does not fit into the Freeview box. Annoyance number one.

Right. I will just find an adaptor. In the meantime, thankfully the socket fits into the telly and I can still watch terrestrial channels, albeit fuzzy and not all crisp, sharp and clear. Bear with it.

Then, I went to Currys and bought an extension aerial cable with an adaptor. All I only wanted was the adaptor actually. Nevermind, that was what they had only. Fine. Went home tried the adaptor. But it didn’t fit!!!

It. Didn’t. Fit. Great! Annoyance number two.

Spoke to SR about it and he was really nice to provide me with a couple of adaptors to see if any one of them worked. Happily went home 150 miles (not immediately) and tried it. Nope. It didn’t work. More like, neither of them fit. Wonderful! Annoyance number three.

At that point, I just felt, right, instead of trying to hunt down this adaptor, I will just change the aerial lead socket. After all it does look a little old and it won’t be that expensive or difficult to get it.

Right. It is only not difficult to get it if you know where to get it.

Sadly, I only know where to get it in Aberdeen but not in Glasgow. So had to wait patiently until I’m back in Aberdeen.

Finally(!!!!!) last weekend, TOH and I went down to Nickle and Dime at Aberdeen Market to get the lead socket. This shop sells everything I tell you!!! Honestly. Well, more like anything that you can’t find elsewhere.

Anyways, happily bought two aerial lead sockets - one male, one female. Just in case. After all it is not expensive.

Happily I took my journey back home, all 150 miles. It was as if I’ve found the Holy Grail!! So chuffed!

After unpacking my bag on Sunday, I sat down on the carpet and get going changing the socket. I did see someone doing it before. It is not that difficult I guess.

But alas! I stopped short. Felt I better check out how to change it.

Went online. Googled it. And after fruitless searching (I can’t believe it was so difficult to find it) I finally found what I was looking for. So continued with what I had set out. Annoyance building up…

Once it was done, I excitedly switched on the Freeview box.

Nothing came up. Right.

Re-scanned the channels.

I waited with baited breath as the progress line on the screen kept moving but the channel found counter did not move. Great!

It says that there is no signal. Greeat!

Very annoyed at this point. Annoyance number four.

Called TOH and spoke to him. Had to share my annoyance.

TOH asked me to check the Digital UK website. Got the website, type in my postcode and this is what I got:

It is unlikely that you will receive any Freeview coverage at this time. Selecting an alternative transmitter above could affect the channels available to you.

Remember to check back later for the most accurate updates.

Can you believe it!!!

There is no signal here. Here in Glasgow!!!

The largest city in Scotland!

The second largest city after London!!!

Even though it is pointing at my area, but still. You can imagine my annoyance! This really took the icing of the cake.

Just to make sure, I typed in my Aberdeen postcode.

Lo and behold! There is digital reception there. All 56 channels!!!

This is unbelievable!

I can just feel my blood boiling!

It is unacceptable that my new area has no reception. If it is anything it should have better reception!

*Blood continue to boil…*

I have arranged for DetJA to come and have a look at the issue at hand.

Until then, keep breathing, breath in, breath out…

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