Thursday, 18 October 2007

bff - best friend forever

TS is here visiting.

We met up yesterday.

We went around the West End exploring places. He in his usual know-it-all manner (it’s a compliment just in case you are thinking otherwise) patiently explained the things that come within our sight. In between, we catch up what has been happening since the last time we met.

The catching up continued over pizzas: proper Italian pizzas. I had the porcini, anchovies and sweetcorn topping, which I think the anchovies was a little on the salty side but later realised the combination actually went quite well together, and limonata. We later had a hot drink, I had Hot Chocolate. I think the only thing missing was gelato.

Ever since having gelato in Italy it is something I always crave for. Beautiful, tasty and rich proper gelato.

Anyways, we later catch up over watching tv as well.

Sitting opposite TS, it was then I realised that how great it is to have a best friend it was then I realised how blessed I am to have best friends.

I can’t help thinking of that special someone, TOH.

I am truly blessed to have found a wonderful friend who I can call my best friend.

Someone I can share my joys, tears, frustration, ideas, anything and everything.

A person whom shares the same interests with me.

And still put forward his opinions which normally end up us being argy-bargy due to both of us being stubborn of our own opinions.

Someone who puts up with my insaneness. My eccentricity. At the same time can match all of it and then keeps me grounded when necessary.

Someone who watches over me. Even though there is a great distance between us, at least for now.

Someone I look forward to see all the time. And spend every single moment with.

My weekends are not the same because of you.

You are special, very special in every way to me.

And I’m truly blessed to have found you!

Thank you for the exceptional life experience you have given to me for the past eight and a half weeks!

Lots love as always… xx

My Friend,
my companion,
through good times and bad
my friend, my buddy,
through happy and sad,
beside me you stand,
beside me you walk,
you're there to listen,
you're there to talk,
with happiness, with smiles,
with pain and tears,
I know you'll be there,
throughout the years!

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