Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Guess who has a phoneline AAAAAND unlimited broadband again!!!

me! Me! ME!!!

*smiles broadly*


You cannot imagine my joy knowing that I have my broadband reconnected/transferred!

No more being unsocialable.

No more not keeping in touch.

No more 'prohibited internet access'.

No excuse to be online during what supposed to be working hours (I still think exception applies, at times. ;P)

I can talk to TOH for endless hours.

I can vegetate online watching endless hours of movies and tv programmes.

I can do so so much now!!!

I had to call BT four times(!) before a really nice lady arranged for an Engineer to come out to take a look.

It wasn't really BT's fault to be exact.

The main reason is that BT can't see my address on their system. This means that as far as their knowledge there is no BT line in the property or the property has a phone line from a different provider. A few possible addresses appear but there is no point connecting the wrong address, say, my neighbour downstairs and I've to run there whenever I have to answer the call or use broadband.

After a few calls to the Property Manager and then BT again, BT still can't find the address or names of past residence there.

That means that if there is no line then I have to pay £124.99 including VAT to have a line put in.

However, I don't believe that there is no such thing as no phone line. Of course Glasgow being a much bigger city, there is also the possibility of more than one phone provider. Great.

After moving in the property and seeing the phone sockets there I am not satisfied to be fishing out money to get the line installed. It should just be a matter of connecting, no fee.

Finally, BT lady and I decided that she will send the Engineer over. If there is a line I don't have to pay, if there is no line, I have to.

Tall BT Engineer came yesterday afternoon to fix the phoneline. Of which, I had to skived off early. Felt guilty actually.

Anyways, according to Tall BT Engineer, apparently a new phone pole has been installed in the past few years and probably at that point in time the occupant wasn't a BT customer. So when the pole was changed, BT did not rewire the property from the pole.

Now, I have a case to argue if say BT is going to make me pay. Of course I rather not pay but we shall see how.

Tall BT Engineer is a perfect candidate to live in this flat. His head just missed the door frame. Especially since my kitchen cupboards seemed to be build for someone tall, like six foot or whatever. The kitchen top is higher than usual. The cupboards are too high for me.

I need to grow taller. I need a step ladder!

Honestly, I shouldn't complaint. The flat is really nice actually.

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