Sunday, 28 October 2007

shopping weekend

As usual TOH and I had another wonderful weekend.

Weekends are the only time we get to spend with each other. As much as the both of us wished it could be longer, other life commitments such as work, as well as distance, keeps us apart during the week.

Two weekends ago, we had a cultural weekend, which I will probably blog about it by end of this week, hopefully.

This weekend was a shopping weekend.

How can we not indulge in the activity that puts Weegieland 'The' place for shopping in the whole of Scotland?! Even if we haven't get paid.

Auld - Great Western Road
Our first stop after getting off the bus was to this bakery. I was in the mood for treats. I got a fudge donut and TOH got a rice crispies.

Ever since SR introduced Fisher & Donaldson's Fudge Donut, I have been going around trying various fudge donuts to find the ones that are better that it. So far, nothing can compare to Fisher & Donaldson's. Too bad Fisher & Donaldson is only available in Dundee and St Andrews. Need to get SR to bring a supply when TOH and him are down in a few weeks time.

Caledonia Books - Great Western Road
Our main reason to get off on Great Western Road was to go and have a look at this book shop. This is a second hand book shop that specialise in antiquarian books and quality second hand books.

I think this must be one of my first proper second hand book browsing experience, I think. I bought Autobiography of a Geisha all too typical with my love for autobiography. TOH bought four books from there.

Costa - Great Western Road
We then had a quick take away drinks: Mocha for me and Tea for TOH.

Felix & Oscar - Great Western Road
Walking past this shop to the bus stop how can we or at least I resist not to go in there?! Nice shop with interesting things for gift, interesting homeware by Alessi too!

Alessi have like the coolest stuff around. This caught my attention. So christmassy. Nice.

After a little browsing in Felix and Oscar, we then jumped on the bus and head into town. Our next stop...

Marks and Spencer - Sauchiehall Street
Our favourite store. Which actually is now our second favourite store because we found Peckhams during our Cultural Weekend. TOH needed to get some clothes for his alternate weekend home and I needed some additional work clothes. Nonetheless we still spend quite a bit of time browsing here.

As we continued our shopping trip, we stepped into Schuh (Sauchiehall Street) to have a wee browse since TOH is on the prowl for new trainers. When I mean on the prowl, it was more like 'it's been a few weeks since he first wanted a new pair and still have not get it'. hehehehe...

Apple Retail Store - Buchanan Street
We then have a short stopover here. Very impressive store.

Really nice acutally. You get to try everything. They have a big quantity of their products for you to try, play with and decide if this is what you want. You name it, they have it: iPods (all models) and Macs.

The new Mac desktop is very impressive with the superslim keyboard. It is a really nice and spacious store with a mezzanine level and a beautiful glass stairs leading upstairs. Cool store!

Now, I just have to wait for the iPhone to come out and test it. Yaaay!!!

Borders - Buchanan Street
The experience to this shop probably require a blog post on it's own.

In short, let's just say it was a 'visual overload' experience.

Nonetheless, TOH bought two books and I bought a magazine.

We then had McDonalds (Sauchiehall Street) for dinner, not realising we haven't had anything since scramble eggs and toast, treats from Auld and drinks from Costa. We were famished. Our blood sugar level were low. Low enough that we didn't realised it was too low for normal people like us.

Lesson: Always allocate food time.

Last stop was Cineworld for Ratatouille which probably also need a blog post about our experience there.

Sunday was another whirlwind of shopping.

Drop by Morrisons for a bit of grocery and later to In Store to pick up the much needed step ladder.

After that we just have a nice and relaxing time before the imminent goodbyes in the evening.

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Sue said...

Sounds like a eventual but good weekend!