Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Yesterday’s appraisal went well.

Thank God by that time I’m feeling much better, didn’t want my boss to travel all the way to my office and see me in a bad mood. The sight of my boss as well as chatting with him made me feel so much better. He is a really nice person, anyone who knows him can vouch on that.

While waiting for the other person, my colleague’s turn for his appraisal, I offered to get my boss another cup of tea or coffee, to which he replied ‘I’m house-trained, you know.’. I can’t help smiling to the mentioned of that.

That is the second time I heard that phrase said.

It was during one of our outings/dates between TOH and I that he mentioned he was ‘house-trained’. Until today, I can’t help breaking into a smile thinking of that phrase.

It is great to know that men these days are house-trained. There are not many actually, I think. With that I believe that they should be able to take care of themselves which includes cleaning, feeding and taking care of themselves and keeping the household up to scratch, which includes washing, laundrying, ironing, DIY, etc. All in all, it is good to know that men can do everything or at least most things on their own accord.

Yes, I know that men will definitely think and believe that they can do everything themselves.

Knowing, thinking and/or believing - can do and applying or putting it into action is TWO totally different things.

Yes, it is.

There is no point of you saying you can iron but don’t.

There is no point in saying you can cook but don’t.

There is no point in saying you can clean but don’t.

You get the idea.

You’ve got to be a practising house-trained man. Knowing the theory does not qualify to be house-trained, no matter what your argument.

Although I know that women has been created and possibly commanded to be the submissive gender, this doesn’t mean that we womenfolk should be slaves to the menfolk.

Of course I like to spoil TOH at times and do everything for him.

But many times I too like to be spoilt by him, having him doing everything for me. Though it may take just a wee slightly little tad longer than expected (just wee slightly little tad, babes), he will definitely get it done.

I’m certain. And I know.

Sometimes I just accept his offer to do things for me as I’ve also been taught that not to turn down an offer (well, depending what it is). Then there are the times that I insist that I do the chore instead. And there are times it is funny that both of us insist on doing the chore which end up like two of us pulling on a rubber cord - going no where.

Whichever way, I consider myself truly lucky to have someone like TOH in my life.

Now babes, I’m still waiting for you to clean my windows, change the bulbs and make me my gin and tonic. xx

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