Monday, 8 October 2007

catching up

Many know by now I still call Aberdeen home.

Yes, I know and I don’t forget that I was born and grew up in KL. But somehow Aberdeen always has this place in my heart. And I guess the age old saying of ‘home is where the heart is’ always hits the target.

After living in Aberdeen for four years in total, it is a big deal for me to uproot and move to a strange city that I’ve never really like - Glasgow.

Anyways, I will speak about moving to Glasgow in another post.

This weekend I went home, to Aberdeen.

It is the first weekend and many more to come that I didn’t go home to Great Western Place.

It was great going to see some friends that I haven’t seen a long time as well as meeting friends and familiar faces around the city.

TOH was really patience with stopping every now and then. Being introduced to new faces or just wait for me to have a brief catch up with those we know. It seems as though as I’m some celebrity *flattering own self*. But I must admit that it was great to see friends that I’ve not met for a while.

Somehow I must say that it is weird I did some shopping in Aberdeen instead of the shopping city of Glasgow, which is actually the second shopping city after London.

But I guess it is the familiarity, the place that I know, where I need to go to get what I need. The scale of the place that makes shopping seems so close compared to a big and strange city. SR shares the same sentiment.

Saturday evening, TOH and I met up with SR to catch up. It was just great. Good friends, close friends, best friends all catching up over a few drinks. SR as usual has kindly got me Katie Melua’s new album - Picture.

On Sunday, we went back to Great Western Place to see if there were any mails for me.

Was it emotional? I’m not too sure.

It was nice walking the ever familiar streets that I’ve walked so often. The route that I used to take going home: walking down Holburn Street and then turn off at Alpine Bikes into Ashvale Place. Walking down the rather long one way cobbled stone road with four-storey granite tenement flats along both sides.

Almost at the end of the road is the intersection between Ashvale Place and Great Western Place.

Ahh… familiarity just come rushing to me. Whenever I reach this point on my journey home, I know it is not far now that I am just steps away from my flat.

The flat is at the end of this road. I don’t have much pictures of this road and I didn’t really take pictures of this road yesterday. But still this is a really beautiful road. Often nice cars lined up the road.

Once, someone said to me that Great Western Place is a posh area. And I was like ‘Oh really? If you say so.’ I never really thought about it but after that encounter I can’t help thinking how wonderful it was to be able to have lived on a great street. Quiet, beautiful and ‘posh’ street with a ‘posh’ address.

I always love the ring of it: Great Western Place.

After checking if there were any mails we left but not without looking through the windows of the flat I once called my home. The very same window I peered through when I first saw that it was up for lease.

There stuck on the window was the ‘For Sale’ sign.

Again, I didn’t take a photo of it. Should I have?

Looking through the flat, I see the vast space that once hold my things, my belongings, the place where I go home to after a long day out or a place where I just hung out in the evening watching tv or being on the computer.

It was somewhat emotional. I was a big girl and brave it without shedding a tear.

TOH as usual was ever understanding and gave me a hug as I had my back against the flat, walking away.

Farewell 7 Great Western Place.