Monday, 1 October 2007

birthday boys

Daddy just celebrated his birthday over the weekend too.

Hope you had a great day, good health and happiness always!!! xoxox

TOH was down over the weekend for his birthday weekend.

We had a great time hanging out together in my messy flat, with all the boxes lying about.

It was good though. At least we managed to do quite a bit of things. He made up my computer table while I continue to unpack more of my endless rubbish.

We went out for a nice meal in
Oran Mor. I had initially wanted to take him to dinner at The Brasserie but it was booked and the earliest table for us would be 9:45pm. And that was only 5:30pm!

So we went to the other part of Oran Mor and finally got a table at the
Conservatory Restaurant.

The meal was excellent and we had a good time. After dinner we had a nice stroll back home up Great Western Road, hand in hand.

It was a beautiful cooling evening and we had an enjoyable time looking at buildings along the way.

We then popped in to our favourite shop (smaller version) for a little shopping before heading home.

TOH had a wee cake and I gave him his birthday present which I’m glad he loved it.

It was nice to then spend the evening hanging out watching tv and reading papers.

Amazing how simple things made the evening such a nice and enjoyable one.

Looking forward to the coming weekends.


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