Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I can't believe I have a blogger block today!

I guess I must just be too tired.

Maybe I’m just trying to input too many things at a short period of time. Half the time I don't even understand what is being said to me. It is such an obvious case of ‘talk at me'! Goodness!!!

I won't be surprised that this will be a jumbled up post.

#1. Songs Genre
This morning on the bus, I browsed through my iPod's song genre list. I can't believe that every genre is filled up, even if it is just one song! Seems like iTunes or maybe the songs that I downloaded had been categorised into genres that you wouldn't think it would have be in.

By the way, wtf is porn groove??!!!

Need to find time to sort out my library of songs, organised it, create smart playlists, etc. There is just so much to do!!! If only I have my computer with me!

#2: Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So as research says. However, in order for me not to be late for work, I don't have breakfast until I get in. Another reason is that I can't buy lots of things and lug around every time I move. Or I can't fill up my drawers with food. This seems that is the way now.

Rephrased: I can't fill more/all of my drawers with MORE food.

But most of the time I end up not having breakfast. Which is not good. Then I crave for junk food the whole day because sarnies just don't fill me. The amount of food I eat probably have TOH regretted going out with me. (I know you don't baby... xx)

Why is it so difficult to decide what to eat for breakfast?

I always love breakfast as it is the easier meal of the day. Okay, it WAS easy because breakfast means typical fry up. But I can't have that everyday as it is not very healthy.

In Malaysia, like I have mentioned in my earlier post, it is so easy to get food for breakfast. A walk to the nasi lemak stall, or whatever stalls for that matter or a sit in in the coffee shop.

Yoghurt and cereals is not going to fill me!

I want kon lo mien, won ton mee, assam laksa, pan mee, or whatever that I can just step into the shop and order!


Right, this is a really lousy post but I think I better pack up and go.

Next question is: where do I want to go and what do I want to do?!

Arrrgggh… It’s so frustrating!

Okie, the sun is out, finally! I think I’ll just go and have a nap in Botanic Gardens again. Toodles…

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