Thursday, 6 September 2007


Growing up we never really understand why our parents left us at home with our grandma (besides we get super long, unrestricted playtime). They will go out to work in the morning and only be back either in the afternoon or evening, depending whether it’s my dad or mom.

At an early age we were left to fend for ourselves (sort of) more like plan our daily activities ourselves. Of course being the young and playful ones that we are, to us, at that time, it was loads of freedom and long playtime.

Not that our parents never provide for us, they have given us just like any parents would, the best for their children. It’s just that we were not restricted in doing anything we want, well to a certain extend. I can remember clearly the only thing we were not allowed while growing up is to be in a boy-girl relationship.

When we were younger and also when we were much older, my mom would cook us lunch before she goes to work. Then there was a period that we had a maid who would take care of us. Much later when we found out that there was a catering service at the end of the street, we were given the choice to buy our lunch.

Looking back, while growing up, our parents has given us a lot of opportunities to make our own choices in many things. They have given us also the opportunity to grow up and be independent.

Along the way, they thought us life skills such as cooking, washing, cleaning and I learnt how to iron from my dad. Yes, I’m proud of that! Cooking was a lot of trial and error. Thank God we didn’t burn down the kitchen (although there had been a few near misses).

Due to this, it was easy for us, at least me to live away from home. Many often ask if I ever feel homesick? My answer is no. Okay, I do miss the great choice of food in Malaysia, sometimes my family but not that I must be with them all the time. My mom loves that we are scattered around the world. Gives her an excuse to travel.

I do realise that the independence we grew up with made us not rely on others. There are good sides and bad sides to it. The bad sides are that we tend to feel that anytime we ask for anything, it seems as it is a burden to others, we feel bad for asking.

Then the whole expectation issue comes in. The higher your expectations, the bigger your disappointments. I hate whenever something doesn’t go as expected.

But we just have to plough on, ya?

In this age of ‘teamwork’, having growing up and stuck to that habit of independence, it can be quite hard. But we learn, after all, life is a life long learning journey.

Past few weeks, my struggles in making choices have been more than usual.

This week, my challenge was to think and decide what is going to happen to my temporary accommodation.

To me, it has not been easy. After much thinking, I think I have found the solution.

At the end of the day, and as many times I have repeated, as long as you have money and willing to spend, money will solve everything. Sadly but true.

I’m waiting for my replacement credit card to arrive, all I have to do is just call, arrange for the accommodation and part happily another £150 or so on my weekly accommodation.

It’s only money. Don’t you think?

Anyways, as the age old Chinese saying goes ‘when the boat reaches the shore, it will automatically become straight’ or ‘when the horse dies, you’ll just have to get down and walk’. My favourite brand summarised it in the simplest phrase ‘Just do it’.

I guess whatever that life throws at you there is always one way or another to solve it. It’s just a matter of how we are going to do it.

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