Monday, 10 September 2007

at my side

It’s been a long time since I listen to The Corrs. So it was great when on my way back to Glasgow, I heard one of my favourite song on my iPod.

It’s also a wee dedication to the two special guys in my life TOH and my bff TS. Thanks so much for being there for me! The song describes you both so well!

At Your Side by The Corrs

When the daylight's gone and you're on your own
And you need a friend just to be around
I will comfort you, I will take your hand
And I'll pull you through, I will understand

And you know that

I'll be at your side, there's no need to worry
Together we'll survive through the haste and hurry
I'll be at your side
If you feel like you're alone, and you've nowhere to turn
I'll be at your side

If life's standing still and your soul's confused
And you cannot find what road to choose
If you make mistakes (make mistakes)
You can't let me down (let me down)
I will still believe (still believe)
I will turn around
If you feel like you're alone, you've got somewhere to go,
'Cos I'm right there

I'll be right there for you
I'm right at your side


shle3pyb4by said...

The Corrs?! Did you know that they're Irish? hehehe... eh, i thot so. im not so sure anyway. *wink*

perhaps just a rumours passing thru my ears. *rolling eyes*

anyway, sorry for keeping quiet for quite sometimes. been a hectic few days for me. lol.

thanks for all the advice and say so mo' scribbled in my blog. appreciate that so a lot! *double wink*

you take care now, and suddenly if you feel you wanted a free-spree, fly over to Dublin eh.

mwahsss for now! *kiss kiss*

magmag said...

You just reminded me how crazy i was for The Corrs once upon a time! KEkekeke i am determined to dig up my old mp3 folders tonight...

Suzanne said...

Thanx gurls for dropping by. I so loved The Corrs. Even now.

I want to download all their albums into my iPod. Too bad some of the albums are in KL.

Yes they are indeed Irish and I love every one of them. I think they are so talented.

Will jump on a plane one day to see you SleepyBaby. Glad to know you are feeling much much better now.


Ding Dong Of The East said...

The Corrs...Yeah brings back loads of memories