Saturday, 8 September 2007

chitty chat

It's great to be back home for the weekend.

It is a time for me to be able to be in my space, feeling comfortable and peaceful. It is also the best part of the week when I get to see TOH.

It is funny how time flies whenever we are together.

This weekend, we discussed what are the things that we want to do.

Woke up this morning, I had a visitor coming to value the flat. Then after that, the time just flew. In a blink of an eye, time just went past. We really wondered how.

The only explanation is that we had chatted the morning away. It is really amazing how we can just go on chatting and chatting for hours end. Wow!

I'm really amazed. Impressed even! And it is a really great feeling. You never know how much you can really chat until you do it. Still am amazed! It's good though and I love every bit of the conversations we have.

Since its Doors Open Day today, we managed to visit a few venues, after all the delays. Thank heavens TOH bought the papers yesterday, otherwise we would have just missed it.

Doors Open Day is the only day of the year where most places of interest or preserved heritage have an open day for visitors.

I have always wanted to visit the much acclaimed Tivoli Theatre. However, we were both very disappointed with the visit. There wasn't much information about guided tour although websites said that there will be. We both agree that the theatre needs a lot of work done to it. It won't be an easy task but nonetheless it will be good to preserve a place of much historical value.

We also managed to visit the Auld Hoose of the Robert Gordon College. Again, guided tour was not advertised but we were rather impressed looking at the quardrangle from a different view. Also something to be noted is the security automatic doors to the reception. Private school in all obvious forms!

Again, in a blink of an eye. The weekend will soon be over. We'll always have the next weekend to look forward to.

Just a quick note to inform that I have uploaded some photos to the posts in the past month.

here for posts with photos. Hope you like! xx

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