Monday, 17 September 2007


Human hairiness have somewhat caught my attention since… since I can remember.

Asian men are not the most hairy of species, with the exception of Indian men: hairy chest, arms and much facial hair. Chinese men on the other hand, would possibly be categorised as the least hairy of the lot, if my observation serves me right.

And as many who know me, I have this not obsession but inclination of men with facial hair. Goodness I sound like some hair chasing maniac!

Anyways, back to the topic, I noticed that whenever I meet someone with hairy arms it really catches my fascination. And I couldn’t help but ask if I can rub my hand across the guy’s hairy arms. Thinking about it, maybe it has some similarity of stroking an animal. ;P

I must have caught many guys in surprise. Among those who fall victim to my impromptu request of arm stroking includes my assistant course rep in college and possibly a rather huge number of my guy friends, including TOH.

Something primal about men with such ‘feature’? I can only but wonder.

Anyways, I must have rouse and cause quite a bit of embarrassment with TOH when I was so ‘amused’ with hairy men. He had to explain to me that European men are normally hairy.

Thanks to this new found knowledge, I can’t help applying it to my observations.

So last week at my full day training, something or some curious analysing popped up.

At the training, there were eight male and two female participants as well as three other trainer/facilitator. After many hours of staring at the same people for the whole day, I do notice that the men have rather hairy arms. Okay, well, those that have their arms/hands exposed.

Then the question of why do some men wear long sleeves shirt and others wear short sleeves?

Ever since the emergence of this question, I can’t help throwing this question to guys that I speak to, let alone my colleagues! They must be thinking I’m some kind of freak or that I’ve so much time on my hand to conduct stupid surveys!

Anyways, I concluded that perhaps some men wear long sleeves because they know that they have very hairy arms and had they wear short sleeves it must be a big distraction! I did felt that it was some what of a distraction for me, since there was one guy who wore short sleeves. Of course, I’m bias by the way.

Some of the rather interesting answer I get on why men wear long sleeves are because that is what laid out for them every morning, how blessed!, and others include that it is too cold to wear short sleeves in Scotland.

So there you go!

I don’t deny that my quest to seek the relevance of long/short sleeve shirt wearing and the hairiness of a man’s arm will continue… until… possibly, one fine day.

That is, if anyone knows what does ‘one fine day’ actually defines as!


Ding Dong Of The East said...

Hahaha...I wonder how come you never rub my armpits

Suzanne said...

Eeww.. You can't get any grosser can you?!

Is this a challenge for me to do it the next time when I see you, and when either one of us remember?

Hmm.. I wonder did I ever?

Gross just can't get grosser than this... -_-"