Monday, 3 September 2007


It’s Monday, again.

Can’t believe how time flies. Noticed that my weekdays and weekends come and go really fast.

I think the only time that time doesn’t go fast enough is whenever I’m on the bus home and coming back. It doesn’t help when you have the occasional loud inconsiderate being on the phone in the bus or a terror whining all the way.

Weekends are my favourite. It’s the only time I get to see TOH as well. Besides the fact that it is everyone’s favourite because they don’t have to work. My weekends are so different now compared to before.

Before, I work long hours on Saturday, sometimes from 12 noon to 12 midnight. It is rather weird now I lie in late on Saturdays and laze around or hanging out with TOH.

Last weekend was great cos we didn’t waste too much time indoors, sort of. It was a really beautiful day too! Had to go and pick up my digicam from the courier office. It’s fixed! Well, I wasn’t too happy cos I wanted a cheque for a new camera. Nonetheless at least I have a working digicam now. Count my blessings…

After that, we went back into town for brunch at Frankenstein.

We had the Full Scottish Breakfast, which we both think was absolutely value for money!!! I kept saying it as English breakfast, really wanting a slap I think.

The Full Scottish Breakfast comes on a hot plate and includes bacon, 2 portions of eggs: fried, poach or scrambled, mushrooms, black pudding, potato scone, sausage, half a tomato and even haggis! The whole plate was full. We also have a choice of coffee or tea, free glass of orange juice and a free drink: juice (i.e. soft drinks), Foster or Guinness.

I had fried eggs and pint of Guinness and TOH had scrambled eggs with a pint of Foster. Both of us went for tea.

You can imagine how full our table was, what with two pots of tea and it was just the two of us! And all for only £6.25 each! So stuffed!

Nonetheless, the meal was good. Will have that again sometime soon but not every weekend (let’s hope).

Weekends are our unhealthy indulgence. Not only we have prepared meals (i.e. eating out or take aways), we also have drinkies.

Arriving on Friday, I would grab a take away on my way home. Saturday is one big meal for the day and Sunday is a meal before heading down the road. Once everything is more settled, I have to start cooking and eating healthy food. Can’t go on like this.

During the week, I don’t have the healthiest eating plan either. I need a flat to settle down!

Anyways, we were supposed to go golfing or at the least to the driving range. But alas! Distractions are always abundance when I’m hardly around and there is just so much to do!

Task for the week or at least to be carried out: golf shoes and clubs hunting.

Met up with POCO, which I think I will re-christen him to SR, it’s shorter and nicer I think. Had a couple of drinks. Catch up on whatever we had been doing. It was good; at least it is a start to meet up friends one by one. I just hope I better not get his chicken pox! Yes, I know you are not contagious or in your words ‘contaminated’ anymore.

No packing done as usual.

I finally got my desk today! Yaaay!!! Okay, so they are sorting out a phone for me. But at least things are slowly falling into place. Also, it’s great to have a nice quiet mouse and key board for a change. The last mouse I was using was so noisy whenever I use the scroll button. Really felt the difference when I was using my computer back home over the weekend.

However, one of the cupboards is missing from just beside my desk and I can see everyone passing by. Quite a bit of distracting. Okay, so I can’t surf the internet as much as I want to. Plus my desk is rather near to higher level management so it is not so nice to be surfing all the time…

But at least I’ve got a table now. My desk hopping days are over. Hope AD gets a desk soon.

Anyways, roll on Friday! Right, I need to sort out my tickets up the road as well.

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