Tuesday, 1 January 2008

hogmanay 2007


Last night TOH and I took it easy. We sat at home watching tv, surfing the internet, and having a few drinks before heading out to Castlegate.

We met up with Dawn and her friends for a few drinks before making our way to the stage - fifteen minutes before the Bells! So much for free concert.

The weather was exceptionally mild last night. TOH and I were dressed sensibly, overly sensibly I would say. I actually bought a GAP skirt the other day for Hogmanay. It's a very nice Italian material grey short skirt. Too bad when I was packing on the Friday coming up, I was too fragile and forgotten to pack it! What a shame.

Hogmanay or New Year's Eve is often very cold. I remember one year I was in Edinburgh and it was freezing cold! The next day it sleeted.

Last night was mild. One of the mildest nights in days. Today it is grey and miserable. TOH and I are just hanging out at home resting for the party tonight at Tracy's. Tracy throws the best party around I must say!!!

Anyways, back to last night's Hogamanay...

Travis was good as usual. It was just unfortunate that they didn't perform 'Auld Lang Sang'. How can they not perform that song after the Bells??!! After all we are in Scotland for goodness sake! Honestly, don't know what they were thinking or it could've been too expensive for them to sing an additional song.

I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't perform Loch Lomond as well. Okay, I'm bias, it is one of my favorite Scottish songs - could be easily mistaken for Scotland's anthem though. Oh well, what do I know...

After the Bells we headed back to Espionage to meet Dawn and gang. The last time I was in Espionage it was with AC for his farewell party. After that experienece, I don't think any other time will match how much fun we all had that night. Espionage was packed.

The drinks costs a bomb! I bought two whisky Coke (yes, yes, it is such a cardinal sin to have whisky and dash, it should always be on the rocks!) and vodka lemonade for £9.60! Goodness that is £3.20 each. Okay, maybe I had been lucky all this while and had people buying me drinks, still... But TOH did say that drinks in Espionage is not the cheapest around.

Dawn had to leave with the girls, and that left TOH and I there. After a while, it got a bit bored so we decided to go home and watch DVD.

We had a discussion that it is such a shame that in order to have a good night we have to be tipsy/drunk. It does make a difference when you see the rest of the people are 'merry' and we were so sane or insane for that matter.

Nonetheless we enjoyed Travis, although we only caught a few songs. The atmosphere was great and Aberdeen City Council has organised it rather well. Comments to Grampian Police as well since they were everywhere.

Hogmanay celebration wishlist: Stonehaven's Fireball Ceremony, or Hogmanay in Glasgow, or going back to Edinburgh for their street party. Hmm...

Oh yes, just in case anyone is wondering, we haven't really have proper snow what with this global warming business. I think Glasgow had some sleet about three weeks ago, which I did got quite over excited as TOH bluntly puts it.

It has been forecasted that it might snow tomorrow. We'll just wait and see.

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