Wednesday, 16 January 2008

lazy full sink

It's not the most flattering pic one can put on the blog.

But I think TOH's habit is rubbing off me.

There is a thing about Mat Salleh's filling up their sink until you can't fill no more, or the rule of 'if there is nothing left to use, it is time to do the washing'.

However, with all this green hoollaabboo, it is more environmental friendly to put on a full load of washing whether it is a washing machine, dish washer or in this case, the sink.

Unfortunately after a while (about two days), I couldn't stand it and gave it a wash.

I wonder how long can I wait until the sink is totally full before I wash them?

Mind you, I have a large sink.


Anonymous said...

You're a tink!

suemae said...

Haven't you heard of the phrase "Clean as you go"? Be thankful you do not have roaches running around your place.