Tuesday, 15 January 2008

sushi go round

Last night I was saying to TOH that I was looking forward to beddie time because I wanted to finish the book I was reading.

After we put down the phone, I thought ‘why don’t I go and check out Suemae’s blog?’

Guess what happened after that?!

She had this really addictive game on her blog. Really addictive. So addictive that I spent an hour on it, knowing that it was bed time.

On top of that I still went on to read the book. And finish it because I wanted to know the ending.

Lights out? Somewhere near 3am. No surprises I woke up late this morning.

Check out the game. Make sure your speakers are switch on (I like the music and sound effects). Don’t play it if you are busy/have to study/easily addicted to games. I can foresee me buying Cooking Mama for whichever Nintendo machine I’m getting…

Or you can go here to play the bigger version.

1 comment:

suemae said...

you "evil" person... now you have spread the addiction around. Muahahaha.....