Tuesday, 22 January 2008


To avoid confusion:

I work at the client's office.

This is where I commute to work daily, have a desk (which I call it a fire-hazard-desk because of all the papers that are strewn all over) and try to be useful there.

My company's office is about three miles from my workplace.

This is the Glasgow branch of the consultancy services company I worked for. It is where I go to when I'm causing trouble or has caused trouble.

The main office for the consultancy services company is in Hampshire.

I've never been there, yet. One day.

The what I call mother-shipcompany, is in the heart of London. The consultancy services company is a rather newly acquired (mid 2006) sector for the mother-company.


So was I, for a long while.

Don't ask me who employes me. You'll be confused further, just as I was. It took me too long to understand. I think I know who know. Sort of.

Anyways, AD and I are going down to London (the mother-ship: it sounds so much cooler!) for a Corporate Induction day next month. Yaaaayyyy!!!

It will be a day trip and we've got our air tickets even sorted! So excited!!!

Kinda shallow.

I know.

My boss Colin emailed me: Don't spend too much on shopping. You can't claim under expenses.


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