Sunday, 6 January 2008

we survived!

We spent about 1/3 of our time indoors, another 1/3 shopping
and 1/3 doing other things*.

*watching movies, going out for meals, hanging out with friends

Time flies when you are having fun.

In a blink of an eye 2007 came and gone.

In a blink of an eye our much awaited two weeks holidays came and gone.

TOH and I survived the two weeks seeing each other day in day out.

Am glad to report that we are both alive and didn't kill either one.

Compared to most couples who see each other everyday or at least every other day, TOH and I don't have that kind of privilege. So when the opportunity of seeing each other for two whole weeks arised, both of us had the same thoughts, 'will we survive it?'

With exception to the one time that TOH had to 'walk the dog' due to me being extremely stubborn refusing to take his wonderful, magical and delicious Boots Brochial Cough Syrup even though I was coughing my lungs out throughout the night; and me being annoyed by a highly entertainingly drunk and in situ rendition of 'I'm singing in the rain' by TOH; I think the both of us did very well.

We shared many hours catching up, playing board games and card games, preparing meals and even the cough! Sadly we also spent many hours indoors because we were too ill or even bothered to go out.

It is a great insight to what it would be like spending hours with each other everyday. And since we coped very well, I'm certain we will be fine.

I just can't believe the amount of time we go shopping as well!

On that note, I bought some clothes from M&S, some gifts for others, two piece of clothing from Fat Face (I love the clothes but I hardly buy anything from there), a few board/card games, some magazines, and not forgetting all the weird and wonderful medicines too! Over the weekend, I bought a Bench jacket (I've always wanted a Bench jacket, donno exactly why), a pair of cute cherry pumps, a selection of items from Ikea, and a pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction boots.

I will need to look back at my December budgets and prepare my January budgets soon. Then there is all the filing of the dreaded bills and statements to be carried out this week. The joys of it!

So tommorow is back to work routine. I should really jump back in and catch up where I have left behind up to the one week before Christmas holidays. I will also see my APC Supervisor to complete my three months Supervisor report.

Thankfully I've completed my ironing, clear away the Christmas paraphernalia, tidy up the flat and made some soup in this really lovely West Coast wet weather.

Work here I come!!!

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