Wednesday, 16 January 2008

hairline timeline

What's with men and their hairline?
Okay, I'm sure the answer is obvious.. -__-"

Today's five projects progress meeting and one project briefing in the morning was rather hard going.

Perhaps only less than three minutes for each project only concerns me. So the rest of the time is doodling and observation.

I practiced on my portrait drawings/illustrations and abstract doodling (sound so artsy-fartsy!).

Anyways, it was somewhat interesting to see that two of the men had receeding hairline on the whole cap of their head, what some calls as bald patch; six of the men with what I was told 'envelope' hairline - hairline that resembles the triangular flap of an envelope, which includes normal and advanced envelope hairline; and three of the men had normal hairline - whatever normal is.

Thank heavens the three ladies in the room didn't have any of those hairlines that the men had.

It's been a long day...

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