Monday, 21 January 2008

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Updated on 25th February 2008.

Last night, I was on the RICS website. The server was not very good/having some problems.

Anyways, somehow randomly I found this on the RICS website. I find it very useful if you are doing the Quantity Surveying and Construction Pathway.

On the pathway guide page, you can download the Pathway Guide, a reading list and the competency guidance.

If you are doing any other pathway just type in the name of your pathway in the search box at RICS website and there will be guides (where available) available suitable for your needs.

All the documents provide useful information. Only thing is that now it shows (or guide/recommend) you that there is so much reading to do!

And I only thought, fill the diary write some short reports go for as many Continue Professional Development (CPDs) trainings attend Supervisor meetings attend Counsellor meetings go for some trainings/meetings total up your hours for the log book and then go for the interview - all that in two years, pass it and become a Chartered Surveyor!

Great... Now I need to do lots of reading. *sigh*

I’m sure it is not as difficult as it is. MUST. MAKE. TIME.

So far, I found that the RICS website provides a vast amount of information on APC. The only problem I find is that the new layout is not as user-friendly as the older layout. However, after some exploring around, it is not that difficult.

For info on APC go to And if look on the box on your right titled ‘related articles’ and click on ‘more related articles’, you can browse through the pages to find out anything you need to know about APC - articles by Alan Melvin (possibly the Oracle of all APC candidates, the ‘guru’).

Also, Lucy asked the other day on diary templates. You can get it here. Just copy the template to the format that suits you, I would suggest MS Word, it’s easier. However, check with your company if they have a diary/log book/template because each company should have a Structured Training Agreement with the candidate and I would assume that there might be a series of templates they use/provide.

Otherwise, the link above provides all the templates require for the training.

Happy Reading!


RICS said... is the shortcut.

The main APC one is

Not immediately obvious, we know but it may help your readers/fellow APC-ers.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the tip!