Thursday, 17 January 2008


One of my Project Managers is leaving. Tomorrow is her last day.

I remembered when Sharon first broke the news to me before Christmas; I refused to speak to her for two days after that. Because I was afraid I would cry. I’m just too emotional.

Although we only know each other properly for about three months plus, I enjoyed her company.

The first time I spoke to her I was petrified. She was scary.

Maybe she spoke really loud and demanding. But that is just her nature as I learnt. (Just like my mom, if people don’t really know her, people always wonder why she is shouting - scary/fierce/etc.)

Then she asked me so many questions that I wasn’t able to answer. And her questions were persisting questions that leave you in a heap. But then this made me strived to learn and be prepared for any questions fired at me by her and by anyone else for that matter.

And I’m always thankful to her for this.

As we spend a little more time bonding through journeys to and from project sites and through project discussions (trust us women when we have discussions) we got to know each other better.

I have learnt so much from her - work wise and person wise. I learnt a lot of life skills and listened to a lot of her experiences. We discussed various life and cultural matters.

I remember vividly when Sharon broke the news to me after one of our project discussions. I was happy for her. It was a step up in her career. At the same time, I was holding back hard on my tears.

I was disturbed for days.

I’m sure Sharon will do well in her new role. I’m sure she will inspire them just as how she has inspired me.

It was indeed a privilege working with Sharon and she will be greatly missed. She was a really good friend and I hope we will keep in touch.

I started with two project managers.
Then I had three.
Now I have four.
And eighteen projects.

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