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Last night's party at Tracy's was good as usual.

We went there about 9ish. It had a slow-ish start. Perhaps it was a matter of not sure where to start. Perhaps we were entertained by little Aidan running up and down the room. Perhaps we didn't have enough to drink (see earlier post on drinking happy).

Eventually, it seemed more fun when the girls started dancing madly - the wifies vs. the young girls dancing competition. TOH met a few familiar faces and catch up too.

Andy took some pics and gave me two A4 prints. I was impressed that the prints dried so fast. Mine takes a few days to dry out properly. Maybe I printed them on best quality. Hmmm...

We had the opportunity to try out some Ninetendo gadgets too - mainly the DS Lite and Wii. TOH and I have been thinking for a while of getting either one.

DS Lite
The DS Lite had 'Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain?' game in its slot. It is quite an interesting and addictive game.

After watching the children/youngsters playing the Wii, TOH and I later had a try at it. We first try out Wii Sports. Amongst the games on Wii Sports were tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. We tried all of the games except for boxing. I liked this package. The games mimic real life swinging, batting and bowling! TOH and I had great fun playing it together since there were two remote controls.

I was actually sweating from playing the games and my arm ached from swinging the bat!

We later put on Wario Ware: Smooth Moves. It wasn't as staright forward and simple as Wii Sports. I think you need to read the booklet to understand the game before you can play it with ease. So we moved back to playing Wii Sports.

Many hours later we decided to go home. TOH didn't look very well either. I'm sure he thinks I didn't notice it but I did know very well he was pissed when he started ignoring my instructions telling him what to do with the Wii remote. @_@

Instead of calling for a taxi home, we decided to walk. I didn't really mind walking since I love walking. I didn't mind paying for the ride home either. But since we decided to walk, so walk it was.

Coming out of Tracy's block the rain was pelting down on our faces. Since her block is not far from the beach, the wind was strong from the sea. I was lucky enough that my Nike long jacket kept me warm. TOH was not so fortunate and moaned all the way home about the rain and cold.

In his pissedness, TOH kept asking me if I was embarrassed by him. It wasn't so much of whether I was embarrassed by him or not but I was getting annoyed with his antics. To think about it I wasn't embarrassed in any way, honest. Just annoyed.

The state of pissedness or getting tipsy is just part and parcel of drinking.

I didn't even mind walking in the rain. I wasn't even fazed by the rain. I don't deny when we first left Tracy's the rain pelted down with the strong gales making it seemed to be hailing rather than raining, it did bothered a bit because it was painful.

But I was so annoyed. At the same time I was worried about him. I was worried that he will fall ill from the rain and possibly from the drinking. More so, I was worried if anything happens on our way home.

Tracy said to Andy last night that since they haven't started arguing that means that she wasn't pissed - enough.

It got me thinking on our way home, 'are we going to argue on the streets?' It wasn't even worth arguing in TOH's state of mind.

Still I was annoyed.

But for every annoyance he caused I think it was paid back with him falling ill from the drinking.

As cruel as it sounds, I am still concerned about him. And as sappy as it sounds, I still love him to bits. My poor baby!

And as they say, 'self inflicted pain/illness does not deserve sympathy'. Thank goodness we were mature enough on that and TOH has to admit defeat to it. I'm sure he will recover soon, just as we all do from an excellent night of drinking.

We both drank the same amount last night, he had vodka Cokes and I had G&Ts, and I even had a shot of Apple Sourz. But in all fairness I think he had about half a glass more than me.

I just hope he learnt his lesson. And as much as AD always say to me that 'eating is cheating', I stand firm on having food and drinking.

As for the the Nintendos, I'm contemplating which one to get. I'm just afraid I might go for both.

Watch this space!

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Su Anne said...

How nice... Snowing. Can i have a Wii too? Hehehehehe... just kidding ; P