Tuesday, 8 January 2008


My decision of accepting the job and eventual, inevitable move to Glasgow was met with many resistances.

Amongst one reason that held me back was my involvement with the Rotaract club.

My first taste of Rotaract was making the decision to start up the Rotaract Club of Melawati, back in Malaysia.

Briefly, it had been an idea I had been considering for a while. I didn't have any Rotaract background but my involvement with Rotary since my mother became a charter member and myself being an Inner Wheel member, seemed like the next step, especially if it was something targeted for someone within my age range.

When my mother became President and expressed her wishes of the club sponsoring a Rotaract club, I jumped at the chance. Not long after the club started running, I received a scholarship to further my studies, so my youngest sister Su-Anne took over the running of the club.

Arriving in Aberdeen, I found out that there was a club starting up, and I volunteered myself there.

After being with the club for almost two years, I was made president. I had many plans for the club. It wasn’t an easy decision for me to accept the job in Glasgow.

As true as career and long term plans seemed more important, my involvement in the club that I’ve grown with in the past two years was a part of me, the close friends were family.

I had plans.

But I felt that I couldn’t execute them.

I felt that I have let the gang and myself down.

It wasn’t easy.

I struggled.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to the club. For as far as I know, for months, the club was quite quiet.

And as with anywhere and anything, there will be some political issues in the background.

Recently, after reading one of the emails from a member of the club, I was pleased to know that at least someone was taking up the challenge and pushing the club forward. I’m grateful for his enthusiasm and dedication.

For the whole time I was with the club I had a lot of fun, made many good friends, and although we are scattered all over the place, we were and still family. My hope is that the club will grow and more people will benefit from being part of the club.

The past few months have given me the opportunity to let go and move on. It is still somewhat a struggle, but I will do whatever I can from this end. It may not necessary be what I had planned, but for as long as the club exist and there is a need for me, I will do my best for the club.

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