Tuesday, 1 January 2008

the mansion

I know this is a much awaited post.

It’s a two bedroom flat with a dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom with bath tub and a tiny storage room where the boiler resides.

My bedroom

2nd bedroom

Living Room

Dining room


Quite a big flat really. But I still think there is not enough storage. @_@ I’ve too much shite and there are still things in the boxes.

Anyways, I took those pic when I first move in, it is a totally different story now. Will take more pics and upload them.

Just in case anyone's wondering what my big gurl investment hype was all about...

Anyways, I will put up some updated photos of the flat when I get home and also when I have the time... >__<

1 comment:

Su Anne said...

Wah... so niceee! Can't wait to go there and 'crash' ur new home...

tsk tsk tsk...