Tuesday, 15 January 2008

the school for husbands

Looking at the title it is sooooo obvious that it is a chick-lit.

The first thing that caught my attention was the title. So it is without a doubt that titles are really important, maybe more important than the cover.

The School for Husbands is written by Wendy Holden.

The story is about a young mom, Sophie, fed up with taking care of her baby son alone when her husband, Mark, is always working late and not helping out with the responsibilities. It doesn’t help when her mother is trying to match make her with her now wealthy ex-boyfriend, who is the biggest culprit in trying to tear Sophie and Mark apart. To make matters worst, Sophie has this growing feeling that Mark is having an affair.

Fuelled with everything that has been happening, she wants a divorce but Mark doesn’t want to. So he enrols in the School for Husbands.

I like the School for Husband bit the best. Sadly it was only about one third of the book, I wished there was more of it. The ‘teacher’ who runs it comes up with all sorts of diagnostic terms for what men lack of or ‘do wrong’ in a relationship.

Fundamentally it is without a doubt that the little things that matters. It is a good read, an easy read when you have three hours ahead of you on the bus.

Unfortunately I doubt any men will really read a chick lit to know what the fuss is all about, especially one with a pink cover! If only men read chick lit, this might just save I mean help them understand women.

So exaggerating I know!

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