Thursday, 3 January 2008


It's snowing!

It has started snowing. But it is just snow showers.

It's nice when you see it coming down, sort of. It feels like a harder form of rain pelting falling down on you.

About four weeks ago it sleeted while TOH and I were out shopping in Glasgow. He was amazed at how excited I got with the snow falling.

Today, TOH said to me, 'if you live with snow all your life, the novelty will wear off'. Perhaps.

Spoilsport. O_O

I don't deny that I dislike when the snow becomes slush. It can be really wet and dirty.

But snow. Come on...

As much as there is some element of truth there - not forgetting transport distruption, wet, cold, etc; it is something foreigners like yours truly who don't come from a snowing country will still love it and be excited about it.

It's beautiful. It's magical.

I know it is kinda shallow too. @_@**

On a related issue, we were supposed to go to Dumfries tomorrow and TS will meet up with us to give us the grand tour. However, we just heard the weather report that it will be heavy snow tomorrow. Not wanting to travel all the way there and end up in bad weather, not being able to see anything and stranded there not being able to come home, we have decided to give it a miss, for now.

Anyways, I'm glad to be home. And it is good to be on the train with TOH, rather than saying our goodbyes at the train station. And as much as it will still happen come Sunday, we are happy that at least we are still able to hang out with each other for another day, without killing each other. ^_^

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