Friday, 18 January 2008


Never dare a Scot.
He/She will do anything whether under or not under the influence of alcohol.

I guess it is just because Scots can be full of life.

But yeah, never dare a Scot anything, or at least TOH, or at least daring him to do something silly. He will as he has. Age doesn't matter. Yes yes.. I know I'm back to the age thingy again...

I guess the age old saying of 'life is short'. Or perhaps TOH is just childish, just like me.

And it is this childishness that we both possess attracts and keeps us together. This childishness that make us giggle at silly little things, afterall 'laughter is the best medicine'.

Mind you, when I mean childish, doesn't mean like supremely imbecile childish. We just know how to have fun and enjoy each other's company.

Perhaps we are really comfortable with each other.

Perhaps we don't have to pretend in front of each other.

Perhaps we just know how to enjoy ourselves, enjoy each other's company.

Perhaps we are just good at laughing at ourselves.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad we are and can be childish.

Make such a difference being serious and put on this serious look all day or all the time.

Most of all, it is great because we have so much fun together.

Thank you babes for always making me smile and laugh. I love all the time we spend together. Even though you drive me up the wall sometimes. Still, I think I drive you up the wall more often than you do.

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