Friday, 25 January 2008

last night

TS was in town last night.

So we went to our usual haunt.

The last time when TS was down we went to Sarti on Wellington Street for dinner.

The Wellington Street outlet has a deli counter on your right and the left wall is filled with various Italian produce and wine. Since it was just before Christmas, fairy lights adorned the shelves.

The food was good - real Italian food. I had the Capricciosa (pizza with egg, anchovies, olives and capers). One word: YUMMMY!!!!

I loved the place.

Last night we went to Sarti on Bath Street instead, literally just around the corner.

The Bath Street outlet is located in the basement. As you step down the steps, there are a few tables just outside the door, very Italian courtyard, nice place to sit during the warmer months, or if you need to smoke. When you enter the restaurant, you can see the open kitchen directly in front of you, it has a large bar on the left and a nice and cosy ‘cave’ - the cantina or wine room, on the right.

We were seated at the cantina. I had the Frutti Di Mare, seafood pizza. After dinner and dessert, I had a good nosey around the products and wine selection. I was very impressed!!!

Everyone should give Sarti a try: tasty authentic cucina Toscana, excellent atmosphere and reasonably priced. It has now made it to my favourite place to eat in Glasgow list!

TS asked me if I had brought TOH to Sarti and I said to him, that as embarrassing as it sounds, especially for one who has a good sense of direction, I haven’t brought TOH to Sarti because I cannot remember the place for the love of god!

Anyways, now I know where all three branches are and I have no excuses!

After dinner at Sarti, we headed off to Beer Café on Candleriggs. Sadly, it was pissing down rain.

Anyways, Beer Café has a live jazz band on every Thursday, and that is the reason we go there. Unfortunately, I find that the band is not very consistent. The worst performance, IMHO, was one that I been to with TOH at the beginning of the year. I’ve also recently noticed that the lead guy has a bad habit of ‘highlighting’ (if that is the right word to use) a player - after their solo performance, one too many times.

Otherwise, this is a good place to go and enjoy the various beers from around the world. My favourite is the cherry beer.

As much as we keep going back to the same places every now and then, there are still many more places in Glasgow we need to explore. One of theses days... I hope.

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