Thursday, 28 June 2007

working class dinner

Vitali was leaving to Israel and was kind enough to invite us all to his flat for a party last night.

I just got off the ferry earlier in the morning. After a twelve hour journey.

Should I go?

I'm tired but it will be the last time I see Vitali until...

Until I go to Germany. When I do go to Germany.


Called up the rest for a little checking up on.

Still... contemplating to go or not to go.

It was a tough decision. Sort of.

But what the heck. The things I do for friends.

So I took the busses, in the rain, to Hillheads. Found the place.

Somehow Hillheads accommodation doesn't seemed fitted with locks. I walked into the block and then walked into the flat. So much for security.

Only to be greeted by some sort of silence.

Vitali was cooking in the kitchen. He was glad to see me. And I was glad to see him, of course.

So I had to ask
ennazus: Where are the rest?
Vitali: They are coming. You are the first one.

Me thinking this is a party. Dinner. Where are the people? Poor Vitali.

ennazus: You know if you wanted a date with me, if you had wanted to cook dinner for me, all you have to do is ask you know.
Vitali: I know.
ennazus: So you tell me that you are having a party but actually you wanted to have dinner with me?
Vitali: Yeah...


Right. So in order to put all things proper, to have a proper dinner together, why not have a candlelight dinner?

So Vitali rummaged for candles and I prep the candles and set the table while he finish with the cooking.

ennazus: You know I'm actually the guest and I'm doing all this work?!
Vitali: This is what we call a working class date. See the working class are very busy with their work. So while one cook the other one will have to prepare.
ennazus: Even for a date?
Vitali: It's working class! People are busy!
ennazus: oookaaay...

The food was really nice. Vegetarian. I didn't catch the name of the food but it was a combination of courgettes, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and a mix of spices (I think there were more stuff in it but I couldn't remember. All I can remember was it was so yummy!!!) We also had a really lovely salad with french styled horseradish dressing and strawberries for dessert. We even had 'flowers' on the table. It was actually a pot of coriander. A nice bottle of wine. And our special candle holders. Everything was ala 'Lady and the Tramp'. Oh we even had Chopin playing in the background.

It was nice nonetheless. It was a good laugh. My first candlelight dinner, if I'm not mistaken. His first time having dinner with a girl in his flat. Awww...

We had a good banter. Laughing and enjoying the food. Gossiping about our friends. About our lives.

Jen and James finally arrived later. We had more banters and chat. James played some songs for us on the guitar.

When we finally call it a night, we even get parting gifts! So kind of you Vitali!

You will no doubt be missed. Hope you enjoy your time in Israel. Till we meet again...

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