Friday, 15 June 2007

down south: day one - the journey

My bags were all almost packed by last Friday.

I was going on a trip.

A last minute (sort of) decision.

Weeeellll... The long story of it was that Claire whom I started emailing a few weeks back, asked if I would like to go to the council meeting in High Wycombe in place of Gillian who will be away to India, who is the District Chairman of 1010 which my club is in the same district. I wrote back to Claire, whom at that time I still have not met, High Wycombe? But that is down south. Let me think about it. She came back to me telling me that High Wycombe is all paid for darling. Yup those were her words, well the main words.

Paid for?! Is all you need to hear of any trip. After some contemplation, I quickly booked my transport (flights and connecting train) over the internet so that I can get affordable seats and to save whoever is going to pay the tickets some money. Since I was going to be in the proximity of London, my flight was going to land in Luton which is less than an hour by train away from London and High Wycombe was about half an hour from London, I might as well stay and see my cousin who was complaining that I don't visit her (nah... she was just wondering when am I ever going to visit her).

Oooh... was I excited!

Which by the way, increased my expenses for the last month: adventure to Edinburgh, Edinburgh's club charter night, and now High Wycombe, which includes High Wycombe's 30th Charter (in Malaysia we say Installation) on Saturday, Rotaract in Great Britain and Ireland (RGBI) Council Meeting on Sunday, as well as my other expenses while in London. On top of that, I did quite a bit of shopping and food/drinks/'entertainment' expenses the last month too. Not helping was that the company decides to cut back on extra hours.


SH dropped me at the airport. I was thinking that checking in an hour before flight which is only 20 minutes considering that check in closes 40 minutes before take off, was sufficient. Consider, I have only one luggage, which can go in as hand luggage if I wanted to but didn't cos I didn't pack my liquids in a clear re-sealable bag as required, and I thought it was a bit of a hassle. Boy, was I wrong! There were queues and I have not seen the airport as busy as this. So I went into the line just to find out that the queue didn't start there but actually further up. There was a big gap there for people to pass. Ooops!

Later I found out that the check in counter opened half an hour later than scheduled.

By the time I checked in, it was about the time when the scheduled check in closes. But there was still a queue.

After passing through security check, bought some choccies for Lisa who was hosting me in High Wycombe I sat nicely reading my book. I was very ambitious and brought not one but two books, just in case I finished one I have another for back up. So I started reading Marian Keyes's Anybody Out There.

As time passes, we were all wondering why there was no call for our flight. There was no plane in sight. Everyone was anxious. I had a quick check with my train tickets to double check even I know it was open ticket and I was very thankful that it was an open ticket. Finally there was an announcement: the flight was delayed for an hour!

When the big white plane with the orange words emblazoned on its side landed, a fan fare almost broke out at the gate. Finally we were on our way!

Later it was revealed that some delay somewhere along the line has caused the delay to my flight. be continued...

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