Thursday, 12 August 2010


Since I am going to The Netherlands in a few weeks on a transfer programme, I thought I share with you some of my findings taken from The AA Key Guide on Western European Cities which I am currently reading.

Holland Doesn't exist.

The Netherlands is made up of twelve provinces, which include North Holland and South Holland, both in the west of the country on the North Sea coast.

The capital of South Holland is Den Haag, although the largest city is Rotterdam.

The largest city in North Holland is Amsterdam, but the capital is Harlem.

Amsterdam, however, is the capital of the whole country, despite the seat of government being in Den Haag.

It isn't surprising visitors are sometimes confused.

Who would've thought, eh?

Then it goes on with...

About half the land is less than 1m (3ft) above sea level, and much of that is actually below sea level,... A complicated system of sea walls, known as dikes, and pumping stations all help keep the North Sea from flooding in. The very fact that the country exists is a testimony to the determination and ingenuity of the Dutch people.

How ace is that?!

Too bad, I don't think I will be able to go to the coast to see these dikes and pumping stations.

So that is a little insight of The Netherlands for now. When I get there I will see what else I can see and let you know.


Bubbles said...

Holland doesn't exist? lol! Interesting facts indeed. Went there before but didn't know all of that. Pic or posts from your trip?

Suzanne said...

Will do it soon.