Thursday, 5 August 2010


Last weekend, TheOtherHalf and I caught the latest movie Inception.

I’m sure if you Googled Inception, there will be many blogs, articles, reviews and comments about this movie. For certain, I find this a very good movie, this year by far.

To me a good movie is one that you walk out of the cinema or after watching it, thinking, questioning, reasoning and discussing about it. Whether or not you agree with what was in the movie, or the person you are having this discussion with, be it your own mind or another person; it doesn’t really matter.

Inception was one of those movies.

And Inception without a doubt is one of those movies you’ll prolly have to watch another time or more to truly understand it. This is because we will still continue to question and reason what the story is, what the character represents or what the outcome is or should be.

Yes, the special effects were amazing and the accompanying music selection was complementary. And who would doubt the concept of the movie? Just amazing isn’t it?!

Also, don't you think that the part where Cobb and Ariadne sits at the sidewalk cafe and it started 'bursting' is so Sony paint advert? (Which by the way was real and made in Glasgow, the flats has since been torn down.)

If you argue it from the point of view that ‘it’s all in the mind’, yes, I would agree that a lot of quotes regarding the mind reminds us of it.

If you argue that the dream is more real in the dream than after you wake up, that rings true if you like chasing dreams in your sleep.

There are so many interpretation on the movie and I am not here to summarise it all, for each their own after all.

Recently I read a review by film critic, Devin Faraci, Never Wake Up: The Meaning and Secret of Inception. It was a well written and interesting analysis on the film. Whether or not how true it is all about director-writer Christopher Nolan’s perception of film making, a lot of things in the movie does seem to explain what Devin thinks. And as far as my theory of a good movie is, a review with almost 500 feedbacks and increasing proves that this is a good movie.

Of course, would anyone ever thought that Inception was just a story that Christopher Nolan conceived, without really thinking about any hidden meaning; but one that he wanted to leave viewers providing a variety of opinion and interpretation on it?

On this note, perhps we should just enjoy reliving Inception with this well created video clip featuring Edith Piaf's mesmerising voice on Non, Je ne regrette rien.

All pictures from Inception website.

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