Friday, 13 August 2010


Today mark the beginning of my three years working with my present company, although my employment started earlier in the month.

It has been quite an eventful three years of which, I spent two years seconded to Scottish Water Solutions commercial managing a portfolio of infrastructure and capital maintenance works of water and wastewater quality projects.

Whilst seconded, I had wonderful Project Managers who provided me with opportunities travelling around the south west of Scotland visiting many project sites and patient Project Team Members who answer my incessant questions.

The travelling provided me opportunities to get to know my Project Managers better through sharing of life in Glasgow, our individual private lives, technical chats and everything and anything that we can think of. The travelling also provided me opportunities to visit some of the most stunning places around the south west and seeing how treatment plant works. Also, not forgetting the animals that I met along the way.

How can I forget the monthly meet up guys? It was as good as it lasts. Too bad, everyone is away working with their various new employers and locations.

I am currently based in the Glasgow office assisting bids for Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and Invitation to Tender / Negotiation; reorganising our section of the office and document folders; and anything that keeps me out of trouble. Periodically, I assist my colleagues in the Environment sector carrying out environmental monitoring and remediation system maintenance fieldwork in Scotland, which I enjoy immensely.

Recently I was asked what is my best moment or favourite moment at work and I listed the following: participating and completing 2 out of the 3 stages in Construction's Future Leaders 2007 competition; achieving Client Satisfaction score of 97.69%; and being on the Global Knowledge Network. I will soon add going on a week long knowledge transfer programme to The Netherlands to the list too.

I am thankful for the opportunities and the people I meet along the way.

So as a new year begins, I do hope to add more memorable experiences, build better relationships with my colleagues and Clients, and continuously learning from everything I do and everyone I meet.


Bubbles said...

Congrats on your 3rd year! And what's that on the road? A yak?

Suzanne said...

Highland Cow (or coo). They are sooo cute! ^^

Bubbles said...

He is very!! Did u pet the fella?

Have u read my post about petting a cow in Langkawi?

I wanna pet the highland cow.

Suzanne said...

I didn't pet this one as it was blocking the path of our car.

I can't remember if I have pat a Highland Coo yet but I've touched quite a few animals this year. Hopefull will blog about them soon. Need to get back to blogging. ^^

That's cool you coax the cow over. hehehe.. I'm sure he/she/it enjoyed a bit of human contact.

Bubbles said...

Perfect opportunity for some coo petting! Lol!

Took me quite a few days of 'getting to know' the cow before he / she / it let me go near to pet. What an experience.

Tried petting some sheep in one of the castle grounds in the UK but they all ran away! :(

Looking forward to ur post on animal petting :)

Suzanne said...

Ooh.. You'll need to go to an animal fair or farm. Higher chances of touching those four legged and even two legged creatures. ^^

Bubbles said...

It's more fun when they are wild animals at the side of the road ... on in ur case, blocking the road! Hahaha!

Suzanne said...

Very true... I remember years ago we were driving in the highlands and saw some sheep. A friend and her mom shouted for the car to stop, jumped out and wanted to take photos with the sheep. However, by the time they got closer to the sheep, they ran away...

You'll remember things like this in years to come. The above story happened about...*thought for a while*...8 years ago. WOW....