Friday, 5 September 2008

3 months ago, there was a dread knowing that once Big Brother is back, gone are the interesting topical documentaries; fashion; cookery; and property programmes and good old American dramas on Channel 4.

Having only watched (rather) intensely one series of BB and never really liking it, I thought why not give it a chance? After all, it is going to invade our lives anyways.

Compared to the previous years, I think C4 has come to their senses and not show BB on C4 endlessly on its evening/night slot. I believe BB is still being broadcasted live on E4 but this doesn’t bug me anymore because I don’t have E4.

Anyways, I must admit I look forward to the daily one hour long highlights - 24 hours condensed into an hour. The website is great but it would have been good if they have videos of all diary room chats (I think ‘Diary Room Uncut’ is available on 4OD).

I was a bit disappointed that I’ve prolly missed about a third of the highlights.

So three months.

Yes, three months has come to past and we are left with final five housemates, all vying for a chance to win the £100,000 prize money. Out of the five only four are part of the original housemates.

Tuesday’s sudden double eviction has not only thrown housemates off guard but also viewers!

Not only it was sudden, favourite to win, Katherya was evicted!

As annoying as she can get, I’m sure gasps were heard across the country.

Tonight’s BB final. I know where I will be.

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