Monday, 8 September 2008


Where do you draw the line between determine and obsessed?

There are some, who prefer to find the solution, no matter what - the kind who keep searching until they come to a resolution, a closure.

Then, there are those, who investigate and gather all proof and knowledge to satisfy themselves, to accept that why things are because of all the hard evidence.

And then there are some. Who knows what they are looking for, finds an abnormality, search for a solution, and fret about not knowing the reason, but still pining hope for an answer - a relieved answer.

Many times we just want someone to listen, or to reassure us that everything will be a-okay, preferably someone with a substantiated answer.

Yes, it is not easy. But is it impossible?

However, people are easy to judge - you, me, the person next to you. We are all the same, like it or not.

We don’t understand why people feel what they feel.

We try to understand why they expressed their experience.

Yet, it is so easy to just brand someone - worrier, determined, obsessed, etc.

Indeed, there are those who easily discount the fact that we just want to achieve our goal - the goal to find out the truth.

How far should one go to seek this knowledge? To seek their goals? Aspirations? Dreams?

Where do you draw the line to stop? To give up? To lose hope?

Where do you decide that it is not determination but obsession?

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