Tuesday, 23 September 2008



You can’t help thinking about it.

It is the concern of all issues.

It is the cause of all problems.

It is the root of all disputes.

And as the saying goes, everything is money, even though money is not everything.

Is there anyone who moans that they have too much money? - So much so that they don’t know what to do about it?

I think so not.


A touchy subject to mention.

One may be short of money and feel that they are struggling, but then, there are those who have none at all.

A bit of a, if one was diagnosed will illness but compared to the one with terminal illness and dying in days, suddenly all is not all that bad.

But, we are only human. We worry about the things unknown. We worry about what will happen next. We worry about the sky falling down even.

We. Just. Worry.

Yes. The whole Matthew 6:25-27 just went out the window.

I could list down all the things whether financial or not - that we, as human worry our pants off. And so does the next person (everyone can do a list, what's new?!).

I can start fretting and worrying about all (not that I don’t normally do). And so what? It doesn’t settle by it self or go away.

Why can’t we ever be content? And also not to worry about money?

When will I earn or have sh*tload of money?!

The what happens next?


I find comfort reading ‘Do not worry about tomorrow’. It will do for now.

I suppose, one person’s ‘lack of’ is a blessing considering others who ‘don’t even have it’.

We just need to believe that everything will be fine.

More importantly, we just need to be thankful for what we have (and don’t have for that matter).

So, can I still wish to be minted?!

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