Thursday, 4 September 2008


Life is constantly full of change. Come to think about it, life without change would be stagnant, boring and not challenging at all.

Yes, there has and will be change.

The BigGuy has left the team to work in another part of the (client’s) business or location to be exact. I think he is the best Senior Project Manger anyone could ask for. Since I’m handling most of the in-house delivery partner projects, my portfolio of projects has been absorbed by an SPM who deals mainly with IHDP on other project solutions.

I haven’t thought of a nickname for this SPM yet, as what I have in mind may not be the best name.

Bottomline is that, I’m dreading working with this guy. AD worked with him and I can see for myself what kind of person he is at work and at social events.

*Dreads - big time*

Interestingly, I found out that two out of my three project managers are not looking forward to working with NewSPM.

*More dread*

Well, I can only hope for the best and shall wait and see how it goes. I do hope that our wonderful team will continue to stick together.

Why couldn’t we be a standalone team? *sigh*

AD has been told that his services with the existing client will end soon. And the company has another job/client lined up for AD, still in the same industry, same-ish roles but different location - travelling to work increases and also a bit of travelling to the north of the country.

AD is a really good listener - will really miss having him around.

Will miss our wee lunch outings every now and then.

I’ll still prolly see him at least every two months, but, it will never be the same.

Will just have to embrace change. It is after all easier than to resist.

I can only hope.

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