Wednesday, 3 September 2008


- Property prices in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh fell for the first time in 37 years.
- Gordon Brown decided to give a ‘tax holiday’ on stamp duty for properties less than £175k. No stamp duty for a year.
- Potential saving of up to £1,750. But how many properties is less than £175k? And most new build developers are ‘paying’ the stamp duty for the buyers, anyway.
- Who is going to fund the void? How is the government paying for this 1% stamp duty?
- Inflation currently at 4% and might reached 5.3% by November.
- Growth is only 1.2% compared to 1.8% forecasted. Lowest growth in 40 years.
- Bank of England interest at 5%.
- Average mortgage interest about 7%.
- Recession looming. What is it going to be like?
- High inflation, high fuel price - even though price per barrel has dropped.
- Repossession of properties rise by 48% compared to a year ago.

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