Sunday, 28 September 2008


Did you watch the Singapore F1 race?

First night race. First Asian street circuit.

Marina Bay circuit – was indeed a good course.

It was a good race indeed.

So much awe-ness.

So bright - one generator to every four lights. I'm certain that you can see the circuit from space. I wonder if there are any satellite pics of the race or not?

So much dramas.

Unexpected twists.

*Good sigh*

I was eagerly looking forward to the race and it didn’t disappoint at all.

I was rooting for Felipe Massa - just because he had won all the street races so far in this season.

Until, the first safety car.

Until, THAT horror incident which cost him the lead position.

And then Kimi Raikonen’s unfortunate crash out - right at the last four laps.

There goes the red team chance.

And dreams are indeed possible at F1 as Fernando Alonso proved to everyone.

The fourteen place climb was indeed an achievement. Lucky guy!

Somehow I was glad that Lewis Hamilton didn’t win. But he put up a good performance by overtaking David Coultard.

I wonder if there will be an investigation into the fuel hose incident. Luckily nothing serious happened to the engineers but still... This incident could easily be a drama itself.

Whose fault was it?

Is it the signaller’s fault? The fuel engineer’s fault?

Or in true Singaporean term: did someone sabo* Massa / Ferrari?

*sabo = sabotage

Hmmm? *with inquisitive and suspicion look*

We can only wait and see. I'm so glad I caught the race. *beams*

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