Thursday, 3 April 2008


This is terrible...

I knew the top guys are away for two days for some business planning-away day.

So I was saying to Iain the other day that I will go to work late and go home early. After all, it is not a busy period for me. Not until next week. Then I can be hardworking-goody-goody-no-home-to-go-stay-back-work-late mode.

The beauty of my job is that I have two super busy weeks and then two ‘relaxing’ weeks. The relaxing weeks are supposed for me to catch up with work/things I have neglected or shelved during the two busy weeks.

I had been very busy for the past two months, what with the financial year end, Suemae’s visit, and any other excuses and reasons there is/are/was/were and anything else I can think of.

Side tracked there...

Yes, so I said about the coming in to work late and going home early.

But, I didn’t realised that I would come into work sOoOoOoo late today!


And I actually woke up before the alarm went off at 5:57am!!!

Ideally, I should be in for 8:30am. But the train only leaves Anniesland at 8:25am, I’m only at my desk about 8:45am.

The good thing is that we are flexible here.

Okay, should not be as flexible as 10:15am!

Am really misusing the trust and flexibility here. Bad BAD girl!

But, I is so bored. @_@

Yesterday LineManagerMark and PMToni said to me ‘don’t work too hard!’ while they are away. Yeah... Don’t worry I’m not.

PMToni called during lunchtime and checked that I wasn’t on the internet idling away doing nothing. So happened I wasn’t at that time, I was typing out an email. And guess what PMToni was going to do??? He was waiting to go on the ATV and then later clay pigeon shooting!

@.@ Lucky for some!!!

Anyways, I’m so bored. I don’t know what I’m randomly writing here. Catch up on my blog(s) reading which I haven’t done for eons, to find out that so much has happened to so many people.

But honestly, I should be keeping my head low and diving into my APC stuff.

So far this week I had been good, interspersing work and my APC stuff. *Gentle pat on the back*

Thank God that my Six Month Supervisor and Counsellor Review has been postponed, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to complete what is required for the review.

I’ve still have a bit to finish on my diary.

I’ve come up with some templates for the competencies since I was told that I need to do a little write up so that Colin will sign off my competencies level completed.

I’ve come up with some notes on what I should look out for, key issues, etc; for my critical analysis project, which I have sort of chosen but not yet prepare a case on it... yet.

I’ve actually a lot to do but what am I doing skiving when I have such good opportunity to catch up?! O_o???

I want to snuggle in my cosy cosy bed with Horace.

I want to lounge on the couch and watch DVD(s). Wait, I need a new DVD player. Okay I can watch it on my media centre. (>.<)

I want to just do nothing. (The weather is getting colder this weekend for some snow, so much for Sunshine and Happiness. . .)

I want a holiday in the sun!

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