Tuesday, 29 April 2008

embarrassing bodies

Yesterday marks the begining of Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies week.

Every night this week, there will be an episode featuring health issues that we should be aware of or not to worry about.

It is quite gory in its own way.

There is a reason that it is called 'embarrassing bodies/illnesses'.

The programme is hosted by three (photogenic/tellygenic) doctors - Dr. Dawn Harper, Dr. Pixie McKenna (how cool is a name like Pixie?), and the yummyliscious Dr. Christian Jensen (oops! - *covers mouth and giggle myself silly*).

Yesterday's episode started with the doctors setting up a consultation cabin smack in the middle of Leeds. There they invited the public for a health consultation.

Now, one thing I can't fanthom is that, why people are too embarrassed to go and see their GP (General Practitioner) about their embarrassing conditions but are able to show warts, puss and all - no matter which part of their body on tv for the whole nation to see?!

Perhaps it is the convenience that you don't need to make an appointment to go and see a doctor? (Something I still can't really accept)

Perhaps the tv doctors are pretty and good looking?

Perhaps it's easier to show it to a stranger?

Perhaps the camera gives you super-courage?

Perhaps that three second of fame?

For whatever reason, those people must be commended on their courage and willingness to share their bodies with the nation.

You see, had these people kept their conditions to themselves, we, the viewers will not be educated that some things are not as worrying as it is. After all quoting Dr. McKenna, 'People worry themselves to death over something that could be sorted out in five minutes'.

Have a look at the website, there are information and even videos where you can even have a self diagnose.

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