Monday, 7 April 2008

la vita è bella

Friday’s bus journey up north was quite a pleasant one.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, it was good to travel in light, and I was awake most of the journey.

I love the Scottish landscape. There is something about it that is so beautiful.

Perhaps the brown and plum colours of the highlands that captivates me.

Perhaps the rolling green and earth coloured fields that mesmerises me.

Perhaps it is the beautiful blue, pink and violet coloured sky that is spellbinding.

Most of the fields are painted in various hue of green. Some fields between Dundee and Aberdeen were covered in yellow, signs of rapeseed flowers in bloom.

Some fields were occupied by sheep, ewes, and lambs.

The lambs were so cuuute. So young. Interestingly, I noticed that most ewes have two lambs. Does this means that the lambs are twins? Hmmm...

The light and beautiful palette of colours reminded me of my trips to and fro Aberdeen and Glasgow last year.

Almost eight months now.

So many changes happened in such a short time.

A job that brought me 160 miles away from Aberdeen.
A new home and a new weekend home.
New friends and colleagues.
New experiences.
Trials and challenges.
Different lifestyle.
A visit from my sister.

And how can I forget, a great guy in my life!

Although we had rather awful weather for the weekend, I’m looking forward to my bus journeys.

Colourful sensory indulgence and a season of life and growth.

Life couldn’t be better.

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